Being Here Now

Hi and welcome!

Today I’ve put some incense on and lighted some candles. It is a cosy, warm atmosphere in this room. I invite you to take off your shoes and let your feet relax. And I invite you to take a few, deep breaths, imagining the soft aromas in the air.

How do you go about your day? Do you run around from one task to another, like crossing off a list of “what-to-do-today”? Sometimes we may get caught up in what we “have to do” and thus forget to actually be present in our own lives. Until something happens that disrupts us. Like an accident. Or a sickness. Or something happening to someone close to us. Or losing our job. Being asked for a divorce. The death of a dear one. Then these incidents make us stop. And something odd might happen; our old, habitual ways may suddenly seem strange to us. It is like the abrupt incident puts our lives in a totally new perspective and we look at ourselves and we wonder: “What  does my life really consist of?”

Other times there may be something happening in our environment that makes us stop for a moment and step outside of our own, little private sphere. I experienced a moment like that some years ago. I was on my way to work downtown when I suddenly heard fire sirens. As I walked around a corner the sight that met me was the flames and smokes of a whole building on fire. I stopped. I stopped and watched. Suddenly the rush to get to work lost  its significance. All I felt like doing was to stand put in front of this view. And around me people gathered doing the same thing. We all stopped and watched. And we were all quiet.

The fire in front of us was so encompassing, both in its beauty and in its devastation. The building would, despite the firemen’s work, soon fall apart. And here we stood, watching it happen. It was like we were shown how fragile the physical life can be. How quickly it can end. All the drama, all the running from one thing to another, all our plans, all our struggles; in one moment it can all cease.

(to be continued)


Control Versus Life

Hi and welcome! I invite you to take a few breaths and settle down. The deep breaths, all the way into our belly, helps us to connect to who we really are, to the core of us. So I invite you to take a few, deep breaths and feel your body, and allow yourself to relax, to unwind.

Today it is Thursday and thus a day of blog writing. Most of the time a theme unfolds itself naturally after I’d been still and done some deep breathing. But today it is not so. In fact, I have no idea what to write. I have no idea where this writing will take me. And at first that makes me feel very uncomfortable, but then as I keep  writing  I’m discovering that something is emerging within me; it is a kind of newness, like walking down a road a day in early spring. It is like the air is filled with molecules of promises of new beginnings, of new life.

life-versus-controlAnd as we’re walking down this road on this fresh day of spring, we’re reminded of times in our lives where we were embarking upon something new. Maybe our first holiday to a new country; maybe our first day at school; maybe our first date. Whatever it is we may remember the anticipation; both joyful and perhaps filled with some trepidation: “How will this new endeavour turn out? Will I have a good time or will I be disappointed?” Whatever we felt we knew that it was time to embark on this new venture. It was part of being alive, it was part of exploring ourselves, exploring life.

What if every day could have some of that feeling of newness? We often settle for security, of holding on to what we have gained.  And  sometimes we begin to create patterns that we know will keep us “safe”. But if you have ever done that you may have discovered in the aftermath that a certain aliveness that used to be there is gone, or at least diminished. The feeling of newness, the feeling of spring, of uncertainty, brought with it something unique; it contained within  it seeds ready to sprout, ready to unfold and create brand new adventures in our lives. Surprising adventures, perhaps, giving us experiences that made us realise that there was more to life than we  had ever known. Or been told.

And then enclosed in the newness is a death. Something is dying as new life is being birthed. As we’re walking down the road that spring day on our way to something new we are at the same time walking away from something old. In each new beginning there is contained an ending. A new era in our lives is at the same time an ending of an old.

This year of 2015 is for me a year of several endings and beginnings. And I’m finding that I’m shifting between being exhilarated and refreshed about the new beginnings and being sad and mournful of the old that I’m leaving. Those contradictory feelings keep popping up. One moment I feel a rush of excitement and then a bit later a wave of sadness comes over me. As this happens I stop and give myself a break.  Then I’m taking some deep breaths and allow the feelings to be there. And after a while I can feel a calmness within. A new balance.

Living a life where we allow both endings and new beginnings to occur without holding on to any of them is sometimes a challenge. It is a challenge for the part of us that wants to control life. The part that hates to let go of the old and also hates to be surprised by unexpected turns in the road.

The truth is that we cannot control life. As little as we can control the wind or the waves of the ocean. Life itself is movement, it is a never ending cycle of beginnings and endings. And as I’m finishing this post today I am reminded of the essence of life; always in the process of  change. And life seems to whisper to us: “When you let go of the need to control I will bring you an unending flow of new gifts.”


Do you have any experiences you want to share along these lines? Feel free to comment.

Until next Thursday,


Owning Our Dreams

owning-your-dreams-2Hi and welcome!

I invite you to relax for some moments, to sit back and take that deep breath. The deep breath reminds us that we are inhabiting a body, and we’re telling the body that it is alive. With the deep breathing we are also reminding ourselves that we are right here, right now. So wherever you are, I invite you to take a deep breath and allow yourself to be exactly there.

We often have dreams about where we would like to be, and that is wonderful, it keeps us creative and active. Dreams are truly what can make us thrive. But if we don’t like where we are right now then dreams become merely a fantasy, a way to escape this moment, this situation that we are in. So how do we tell the difference?

This is unique for each of us, but I can share some of my experiences. I’ve experienced both dreams that lead me to make grand changes in my life for the better, but I’ve also had periods in my life where I used  dreams as a way to escape a situation that was difficult. And when I did this those dreams started to move into an elusive place, they became like a fantasy that I was ever chasing, but never reached. Not until I started make some changes in the life I was currently living. And what kind of changes am I talking about?

First of all I realised that in order to come to a place where some of my dreams come true, I began to acknowledge what I had already accomplished. And if you look at your own life you can do the same. Maybe you feel that you haven’t achieved that much, but I invite you to look again. It can be the smallest achievement, maybe something that you know many people have brought about so it doesn’t seem like a big deal. But the point here is not if we have attained “more or less” than others, the point is that we are beginning to learn our own unique way of  creating our own experiences.

Becoming aware of our own unique way of creating our lives is very empowering. And it sets us on a spiral that moves upwards. It puts us on a train in the direction of our own fulfillments. So the first thing is to become aware of how you have made things happen in your life that you are content with. Even if it is something seemingly small. The key is not the scope or size of your achievement or achievements, the key is exploring your own consciousness. That is; what makes you tick? What motivates you?

So this is what I did. I went back to things that I had dreamed about that had actually come true, and I looked at how they had come about and what I had or had not done prior to them becoming part of my life experience. And when I did this I realised that I had worked toward those dreams. But I also realised that I had got unexpected help from the outside. So I asked myself: What was really happening? And I discovered, when I looked back, that those two seemed to go hand in hand when I fully owned my dream.

There is a huge difference in chasing a dream and owning a dream. When you own your dream it means that it is already within your reach. It means that no matter what you are doing or where you are at the moment the dream is within you. This may sound like hairsplitting, but  I invite you to check it out for yourself; feel the difference when you place a dream outside of yourself and when you  bring it into this present moment, to where you are right now. You can even breathe it in, and you will feel a difference. Again, don’t take my words for it, but check it out for yourself.

owning-your-dreamsAnother thing I’ve found valuable is to read about someone I admire or feel inspired by and maybe even related to in some way, and see how their life was before they made their achievements. I love to read biographies of various people and I love to see how their very beginning was. They may have started with something very simple and then allowed themselves to develop. And as they did, their lives reflected their own inner developments. This is true for all of us; when we allow ourselves to grow our lives will change, reflecting our choices.

I believe we have seeds within us and these seeds want to grow. And sometimes all we need to do is to allow. To remove the blockages. Other times we need to go within and do some weeding because the seeds may be buried underneath a lot of rubbish. But the seeds are there. That is part of being a human, to have the desire to grow, like a plant is sprouting through the soil and unfolding itself.

I invite you to comment!

Until next Thursday,



Sweet cupcake words

sweet cupcake wordsHi and welcome!

I invite you to take a few breaths and to allow yourself to sink into your body. I invite you to feel your feet on the floor if you’re sitting, or the spine on the chair, couch, or floor if you are lying down. I have prepared this room to be cosy, comfortable so that it is a place where we can unwind and simply be ourselves.

Today I’m feeling that I would like to share something very precious, but as I’m to write I seem to stumble. I then stop, take a few deep breaths and I ask myself for clarity: “What is it that I want to write today?” After some stillness and a few more gentle breaths I realise that what I want to do today is to share of my heart. To open my heart and connect to whomever is there willing to open their hearts. But how do I put this into words?

A loving glance, a gentle touch, a caring smile are all expressions of an open heart. But when it comes to words they sometimes lead us astray because words so quickly take us into labyrinths of new thoughts through connotations, through digressions and distractions, and before we know it we are having a conversation with ourselves and we are not really receiving the underlying message. We get caught up in words, in their impression, like we can get caught up in someone’s looks and appearance without hearing what they are saying.

And then, words can be used to intimidate, to harass, to criticise, to “prove one’s point” which often is a point of polarity, making someone or something wrong or fallible. But what about using words simply to express compassion and beauty? And express this like a flower emanates a fragrance, like a beautiful symphony emanates sounds of splendour, like a playing child’s laughter emanates a joyful charm?

I once read a book I loved so much I devoured it. It was a thick book so I had a ball for quite some time and when I read the last page I felt sad. It was like saying good bye to someone I had met and connected to on so many levels. I wished the book had been even longer so I could continue drinking of this fountain of magnificence and beauty. A little while later I was having dinner with some new acquaintances and someone brought up this book. “Oh, I love that book!” I exclaimed. “It is filled with so much wisdom.” The person sitting next to me looked at me with disapproval: “Maybe there is wisdom in the book but it contains so many words!” I was flabbergasted. That was why I loved it!   And I realised that my love of words set me apart. At least in that company.

So what I would like to say today is that because I feel such affection for words I would love to apply them to express my heart. And then I realise that  the words are there, always, ready to be put together, ready to be expressed. And I can write one sentence after another and with the words I can create perhaps more than anything else: I can write about the flowers blooming in my garden, having been in hibernation a long, cold winter and then emerging through the warm soil and emanating a heavenly scent as the sun is shining and the summer is arriving; I can describe my feelings as I’m listening to a symphony, I can portray the images the sounds evoke in me and the sensations that are floating through my body  as the tones are tenderly stroking my ears like the most wonderful perfume; I can recount the long summer days when I was sick and bedridden and how the sounds of the children laughing and playing outside in the warm summer breeze lighted up my spirit and made me smile inside. And as I’m narrating all this I’m weaving threads that become new creations, new stories, new worlds. And as I do my heart is growing in my breast, the smile on my face is getting bigger and bigger, and my fingers are dancing on the keyboard in utter joy, touching the keys with tender grace and sparkling glee.

And so here is my love letter, from my heart to yours. I am delighted that you came by and read these musings. Words of felicity –  like a cupcake topped with a sweet heart.

Until next Thursday,



Sleeping and breathing

Hi and welcome!

I invite you to settle in,  relax and take a few, deep breaths. The deep breathing helps us to be in the present moment, and it helps us to stay grounded in our body. So I invite you to let yourself relax and unwind and give yourself a break from whatever is going on in your life.

sleeping-and-breathingWhat happens when we’re asleep? Have you ever thought about that? Yes, we’ve learned that our brain goes into a different mode and our bodily functions change into “rest-mode”, a needed mode for both the body and the psyche. We need the sleep in order to be an optimally functioning person in our waking hours. When we are sleep deprived our whole system goes into imbalance and we lose clarity. Lack of sleep over a prolonged period can be devastating to both our body and our psyche.

But other than the replenishment of the body and the mind, what is happening? I believe that we, that is our consciousness, go to another space. A  non-physical “place” where we’re sorting out what we’re experiencing in our waking hours, a place where we’re working on solutions, on ways to improve our lives.

We know the phrase “I’ll sleep on it” and I believe this phrase comes from the fact that we’ve often experienced that when we’ve been in bewilderment about something and our mind has begun going in circles and we can’t find a solution, a good night’s sleep may be all that is needed to get clarity. We’re waking up in the morning and suddenly we realise that we have the solution, we know what to do next. So during the sleep state something has obviously shifted and we have helped ourselves as it were to function better in our life.

Sometimes, if we’re living in pressured times, we may have nights of unrest, or even nightmares. I believe that happens because the tension in our life is greater than is healthy for us and hence we’re finding that we’re not able to sort things out in the dream state. I believe this is an indication that we are out of balance and need to give ourselves some extra rest and nurturing.

I’ve found that deep breathing has some of the same benefits as a good night’s sleep; it slows the whole organism down and it gives us a needed rest, a rest that often turns out to be very efficient, in that it helps to shift our mind from churning on a problem to seeing new potentials, new possibilities, and gives us a sense of knowingness about what action to take next.

The advantage of the breathing is that we are conscious while we’re doing it. When we’re asleep we’re rarely aware of what is happening within us, but when we practice deep, slow breathing we may begin to get a sense of what is going on beneath the surface of our everyday lives. I’ve found that with the deep breathing I’m becoming more aware of both myself and others as I’m allowing myself through the breathing to go to a deeper layer than the “surface living”.

And I’ve also found that doing some deep breathing in the morning helps me to connect to deeper layers of myself; sometimes I will recall dreams I’ve had during the night, giving me clues to what I’m working on in the sleeping state.

Becoming more aware of what is going on with us on deeper layers may give our lives more zest, more vitality. The key, as with anything, is to do this in a balanced way. Just like with the deep, slow breath there is an inherent rhythm to everything in nature and when we allow that rhythm in our lives we’re giving ourselves a tremendous gift.

Feel free to comment!

Until next Thursday,


Where is truth?

Hi and welcome!

I invite you to step inside, to take a deep breath and relax. This is a place where you can unwind, a place where you can allow yourself to feel who you really are. Here you are allowed to ask any question you ever wanted to ask. I’m not saying that I can answer them to your satisfaction, but I will read them and answer them according to my own truth, according to my own experiences. And this brings us to today’s topic:

When you wonder about something, where do you go  for the answers? To family members, friends, books you’ve read, news papers, blogs, various sites on the internet or perhaps movies that seemed meaningful or made an impression on you? Or do you have someone, perhaps someone charismatic that seems to “have it all together” whom you look up to and see as an “authority on truth”? Or do you belong to a group that has written declarations about what truth is?

Who has the answers?

If you are like me you have the tendency to constantly ask questions.   Ever since I was a small child I recall wondering “why”: ” Why is the world the way it is? Why am I born? Why am I here? Who is running the show?”

where is truthI remember watching a stage play of The Wizard of Oz at age seven, and as the scene came up when Dorothy is discovering that “the great and powerful wizard of Oz” in truth is a timid man hiding behind a curtain, talking into a microphone that makes his voice sound intimidating, my whole world view got challenged. Up until that point I had believed that “big, powerful adults” were the ones running the world. But when Dorothy’s dog, Toto, removed the curtain, and the wizard uttered the words: “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”, that belief got a crack. And when we saw fully that the wizard was creating the illusion of power by the artificiality of an enhanced voice through the techniques of his sound equipments and illusionary images and we heard him admitting cowardly that he was “a humbug”, the whole belief in those “big, powerful adults” fell like a house of cards.

I vividly recall sitting in the theatre watching this scenario  being revealed in front of me and thinking that I was witnessing the unraveling of a big, big secret: “The grown ups don’t know anything! They’re just pretending they do!” I looked around me, eager to see the reactions of my friends and classmates as this incredible truth was being revealed, right now, on the stage right in front of us. But to my complete surprise and disbelief no one seemed to be shocked. No one was looking up or having any visible reaction, there wasn’t even any lifted eye brows. And that was the second shock: “Here we are watching how the grown ups in reality know nothing and no one is responding?!?”

At that moment I realised that most of the kids around me didn’t ask “why?” like I did. And then of course, my inquisitive, piercing mind wondered: “Why aren’t they curious about who’s holding the answers? Why aren’t they questioning who’s running the world? Are they simply going along with whatever beliefs are being handed to them?”

Asking ourselves where we go for truth, for answers, may well bring us on a journey of discovery. Maybe even a long journey. But when we’re going into the depth of things we have to be prepared for the fact that it might take some time.  Dorothy had to take a long, long journey and go through many experiences until she realised that she always had the answers within her. But without the experiences she might never have realised this. As the good witch Glinda said: “She had to find it out for herself”. So Dorothy’s own questioning, her own curiosity and willingness to embark upon the journey was what ultimately gave her the answers.

So who do you believe has the answers for you? I’d say rather than seeking for ‘the ultimate truth’ it is wiser to allow ourselves to discover where we are looking for it. Where do we turn when we feel we need advice in our lives? Where do we turn when we wonder who we really are and what our lives are all about? And do we give ourselves time to discover? To go through the necessary experiences?

How do you know what you know? And how do you search for still unanswered questions? I’d love to hear from you.

Until next Thursday,













Your own voice

Hi and welcome!

I invite you to come in, to settle down and take a few deep breaths. Today I’ve lighted some candles so it’s cosy and warm in here. There is also a delightful incense burning, and I invite you to open your imagination and smell the fragrance.

Today I would like to address something called authenticity. What is that? Yes, it has to do with truth. It has to do with being genuine, it has to do with being honest, not pretending to be something or someone that we are not. But what if we go a little deeper, a little closer, and ask again; what is it really to be authentic?

I believe that to be authentic is something we can only be when we are true to ourselves. And what does it mean to be true to ourselves?   It does not mean to act or talk to ‘fit in’, to say or do ‘the right thing’, but to live according to what we feel is our own truth. And what is our own truth?

No one outside of you can ever tell you what is your truth. No one. Only you can know. And how do you know? One way to know your own truth is to learn to listen within. And to feel what you are feeling. Becoming conscious of what you are feeling. Through those simple things; listening and feeling you will begin to discover your own truth. And then you will be able to express this, with your own voice. No one else’s voice, but your own.

It has taken me quite some time to discover my own truth and thus speak with my own voice. And I am still discovering situations where I’m not fully true to myself. Someone may say something and I might go: “Yeah, sure”, although I’m not agreeing at all. Before I wasn’t even aware of what I was doing when it happened, but now I am. And after such an incident I always feel bad, like I have this bad taste in my mouth. At this point it is easy to start blaming oneself, but that just keeps the bad feeling rolling into something even bigger. Therefore compassion for oneself is key. So key.

With compassion and tenderness for ourselves we are allowing ourselves to discover our own truth in a gentle way. And by being gentle with ourselves we are opening doors within us that will bring us to rooms where our own wisdom resides. Because we all have wisdom within us. But sometimes it has been hidden away because we have been told that we have to listen to others and to do what “they” are telling us, whoever “they” are. Therefore it may take some conscious focusing to go within and open the doors into our own truths. But it is worth it.

marionetttWhen we live according to someone else’s truth we become like parrots, like marionettes. And we lose contact with the genuineness of ourselves. So if we don’t live according to our own truth we don’t really live our own lives, do we?

Do you feel that you are living according to your own truth and speaking with your own voice? I’d love to hear your comments.


Until  Thursday 7th of May,


Kim and Kirk

Hi and welcome!

I invite you to settle in, relax and take some deep breaths. This room is made comfortable  just for you, for you to feel at home. I invite you to allow yourself to sink deep into a chair, a cushion or find a spot on the floor and stretch out. Whatever makes you feel at ease. And in this relaxed state let’s imagine and explore.

So let’s imagine two preteens, a boy and a girl. They are playing together in a room when the boy, Kirk, touches Kim’s pet toy. “Let go already!”  Kim screams. “Let go!”. Kirk smiles. He lets go for a second, then he holds onto it again. Kim goes up to him to remove his hand. In a second they both touch the toy. And in that moment the toy begins to illuminate; a spark of immense light emanates from it and before they know it the room disappears, the house disappears and they find themselves on the top of a mountain.

Kirk and Kim are looking down. Deep, deep below them are several valleys.  In one of the valleys there is a village. They both discover that they have eyes like an eagle, able to see the details of everything that goes on in the village below them. And in addition to that they are able to see  the scene below in the context of a larger picture, in a historical frame; they can see way back to what has happened before and way into the future, a future that may or may not happen.

As they’re watching the scene in front of them it starts to morph into something new; they can now see how the village below is without any habitation at all, instead it is filled with lush vegetation,  a forest and plains of grass. And they discover that at this particular time a neighbouring  valley that used to be filled with vegetation is now inhabited, this time by humans who are dressed in funny looking clothes and who are moving around in strange vehicles, and even walking in a particular way. Then the landscape is morphing yet again and now  animals are walking  in the valley. And the other valley that was inhabited is now deserted and vegetation is filling the space. And then  in yet another valley new people are settling in, looking like pioneers, busy building houses and roads between the houses.

Kirk is turning to Kim: ‘Do you see what I see?’ Kim is nodding. ‘I wonder,’ she says, ‘if these are the same humans we saw before the image started to morph. What do you think?’ ‘I don’t know’, Kirk replies, ‘let’s take a closer look.’

Kirk and Kim keep watching the humans in the valley below from their unique vantage point; they watch as people are building their houses, eating their meals and moving around in the valley.

Then Kirk and Kim discover that they can speed up time as they see fit. And as they do they’re watching babies being born and grow up, they see children becoming adults, they see the village expanding and new buildings being built, and then the village becomes a city and it expands into the next valley. And now bigger roads are being built and turning into highways, and they are filled with cars and trucks. And this all happens below them, like a movie that is not simply on a screen but with everyone fully alive and everything in full activity.

And then… Suddenly  there’s a instant where everything seems to stop, for just a moment. Almost imperceptible, but something changed. Some people are moving from the village, they’re packing their belongings in huge trucks and they head out onto the highway and they leave the valley, driving far, far away. And they abandon their houses. Then more people leave and another house is abandoned, and another, and another.  Some humans stay, they grow old and die. No one moves into their houses and the houses begin to fall apart. And then the valley itself starts to move, the earth rumbles, turning into an earthquake, creating a crack all along the valley. Houses and roads are being smashed into each other, teared into pieces that are tumbling into the crack. And then  from one of the mountains a volcano erupts and  with an explosion it’s sending thick plumes of ash and dust up into the air. The lava blasts out along with ash, rocks and massive clouds of particles. The lava and the rocks flow down the hills, covering the remnants of the city with a glowing, bubbling mass.

Kim and Kirk look at each other. ‘Wow’ is in their eyes. And followed by that a question: ‘What did we just watch?’

…to be continued.


Until next Thursday, take care



Strong as water

Hi and welcome!

Today I would like to introduce you to my new scent; if you let yourself breathe deeply and close your eyes, you may feel it. Yes, it’s an imaginary scent, filled with soothing fragrances so that we may relax and feel at ease. I invite you to take another deep breath and allow it to fill your body, all the way into your belly.

How often do we stop and simply enjoy being alive?

For most of us, life is often filled with distractions, or at least what seems like distractions. And the world is sometimes very loud, trying to grab our attention. And we might get caught up in dramas, either dramas we’re a part of or dramas of other people that we’re watching or reading about. And before we know it we are no longer fully present in our own lives, in our own bodies.

This morning  I reminded myself of being present. Of feeling myself, of feeling my body. As I was making some food I deliberately felt my hands touching the bread, the knife, the glass of water. And as I did I could feel a softness emerging within me. It was like I had opened a door to a room inside  and out flowed feelings of sweetness and tenderness. I put on some gentle piano tunes and I allowed the soft sounds to tickle my ears like sensuous perfume. As I ate I felt I was the richest person in the world, I  was in such a serene space. I became filled with a deep gratitude. Someone watching me would maybe see nothing extraordinary, simply a person having a meal. But to me it was such a beautiful experience, making and eating the food with this heightened awareness. And I felt a deep appreciation of life.

Then, a little later, tears came. I noticed silent tears on my cheeks. The tears were like a release, of old hurts, old impediments that somehow had been stored up somewhere. I let the tears flow and I allowed the old, frozen pains to melt. It felt good and uncomfortable at the same time. In  this tender state I realised that hardened, stuck energies gently left. But I also discovered that  I seemed to lose my grip on an old habitual control mechanism, and with that unease came.

You see, I have been quite the fighter. And now I am deliberately walking a new path. So when I started to feel uncomfortable I knew I had just bumped into a fence that I once set up for myself, a fence with a sign that said: ‘Don’t move beyond here! If you do, you will lose control.’

I wondered: how to proceed?

This is what I did: I went for a walk along the shore, breathing in the fresh air. After a while I noticed the sounds of the water as it moved around the rocks and the pebbles. The sounds were like a gleeful symphony as the water was touching the rocks on its way to the shore. And as I heard those mirthful sounds something in me responded and I found myself smiling: ‘Ah! The water is caressing the rocks. The water is celebrating life. It’s celebrating the joy of change. Of allowing change. This is the law and grace of nature; always being in a continuous transformation.’

I realised that the water touched the rocks so gently, so gently, changing them, just a little each time. And the rocks gracefully  allowed it to happen, slowly but surely. And I saw that my tears did the same; opening up closed rooms and dissolving old walls, with the same gentleness.

Yesterday I came across some words from Tao Te Ching and they moved me  the same way; as soft water.  As I read the words, tears came. Gentle, tender tears. And I allowed the words to caress me. And change me. Smoothly. And slowly, slowly.

Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water.

Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass it.

The soft overcomes the hard; the gentle overcomes the rigid.


Until next Thursday,